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Rwanda . . . Remembering and Retelling

Love the thoughts of my daughter as she travels the world!

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Day Three . . .
Kigali Genocide Memorial.

It’s hard to believe that this horrific event occurred only 20 years ago. There is not one person who is not affected by it.
The museum is well put together and succeeds at educating visitors of the progression, the event, the aftermath, the stories, and preventative actions.
One quote I read was saying that genocide doesn’t just happen all at once. It starts with one death at a time.
A book that was recommended was “Shake Hands With the Devil” by Romeo Dallaire.
The people here are dedicated to moving forward by educating others about he past so that we may all learn from it.

After a sober morning, we transition to the Akilah school for women ( whose goal is to connect young women to economic opportunity. Nadine, a recent graduate, shows us around and tells us how Akilah has changed…

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