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I’ve Created A Monster

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It is early early morning and only scant hours left with our daughter tucked safely into our nest-home.  My prayers lift to the Heavens and I smile and then I cry.  My mind wanders back to the days when I had a timid little Kindergartner who was reluctant to go into class. Racking my heart, I wondered if I was making the right decision.  Should I take her home with me?  She was SHY! After some wrestle and some tears (my own!) I warned the teacher that she was shy and turned and left the building.  Coming back a bit early so I am not late to pick her up, I find the teacher walking her out to my side.   Beaming, Mikayla tells me that she taught the class a new song about loving Jesus.  I smile. 

“I want to play soccer, Mom.”  Are you sure? I ask.  Signing her up in a soccer league we suit her up with all the right equipment and drive to the field.  Looking across the field at the looming stretch of grass and the rambunctious players she turns with fright in her eyes.  “I can’t do it.  I don’t want to play anymore.”  I wrestle and wonder if we should turn back to the car.  She won’t budge.  Adamant that soccer is not going to happen, she digs her heels in and refuses to walk.  Digging my finger into her back, we march across that soccer field to the new coach.  Telling her when would pick her up, I leave the field.  Praying and wondering if I had made the right decision, I return to find a beaming face running up to me with her new friend,  “I LOVE SOCCER and this is Robyn.”  I smile. 

Time and time again, there will be proverbial “fingers in the back” until she no longer needs me to push and to prod her to the mountaintop. 



Now her own fingers jabs into her own back and forces herself out to the unknown and into the uncomfortable and the great reward.  A girl who has learned the joys of new experiences and who longs to uncover the beauty of this world her Creator has created launches out on her own now.  First a degree….then travel…then another degree….new friends…new experiences….some tears along the way and now I have created a monster.  She leaves in less than an hour to a new experience that will take her far away from us for a while.  Now my tears are falling and I think of how I could have easily clipped those wings by planting fear in her heart and holding her back.  I would have her safely rooted at home but as I was recently reminded….it is the roots and wings that make someone truly beautiful and experiencing life to the fullest.  So FLY Mikayla and enjoy all that is to be enjoyed and live that abundant life you were created for and long for daily.  You are an inspiration to me every day in the way that you grab hold of life, casting out your own fears by the grace of God and plunge forward to grab hold and LIVE OUT LOUD.  Your roots are firm in Him and securely stretched into the soil of your friends and family.  Go plant more roots in your new team and your new surroundings.  He is watching over you and we place you firmly in His ever capable hands and wish you Godspeed as you travel.  You are loved.  You are treasured.  You are prayed for by many. You are His. 


Author: Jacqueline

I am a lifelong learner. I am daily dazzled by the beauty in the mundane extraordinary life I have with my family and friends.

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