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Dropped off the kids at piano and headed straight over to my new “find” of a thrift shop in the Langley Seniors Center.   On the first visit, I knew I was going to be a regular.  Swarming with old ladies and sweet chatter, I was in my element.   Sauntering in, I was met by Greta, a lady in her 90’s and her friend who was easily in her late 80’s.  They are volunteers and so pleased to see a “regular”.  I have gone three times in a row.  My heart is blessed by their warm smiles and their welcoming hearts.  This era knows so well the art of hospitality.   Their eyes light up to see a friend and they reach out to touch your arm in conversation.  Eyes meet your eyes as if searching for what is really on your heart as they catch every expression.  They take the time to chat about whatever comes to mind.  They have learned to value the simple every day moments.  What a gift to be in their presence.   Greta remembers that I come looking for wool and she steers me straight to a new donation of the prized find.  I am delighted.  Baby wool!!!  I love to make baby leggings for my little friends and here lies a treasure trove in a pastel array.  Immersed in the joy of having a friend look out for you, I finger through the wool and pick up many colors!  They are delighted to be a help.  That afternoon, Kevin and I head to visit adopted grandparents John and Millie (Thoroughly Modern Millie).  Millie loves to tell the story of her being a war bride and the many adventures of her finding her way to Canada to be with Johnny.  They have lived their lives in hard times and lean years.  Their hearts turned to the Lord in the early years of their marriage and they have devoted their lives to serving Him.  Now they are 90.  Everything about them is shaky except their faith.  As they walk, they are careful with their steps and tea flies everywhere as they are refilling your cup.  Stories are repeated and they stop to gaze into your eyes and  hug you over and over.  I love being with them.  They hold you close in their heart and in their hugs and in their prayers.  The value of friendships and time worn commitment is etched in their hearts.  Many of the stories we hear are of their loss of lifelong friends, a sadness creeps across their faces in the wake of this loss.  Then there is joy in the stories of great-great grandchildren and asking about our kids.  The pure joy of receiving a handwritten letter from Mikayla on a regular basis is evident in their gushing about receiving such a treasure.  Millie shows me her bundle of cards and letters and then rushes to her room (as much as she can still rush).  Coming out, she has a twinkle in her eye and hands me lovely chocolate kisses to give to Mikayla to thank her for the letters because she cannot write anymore…too shaky.  Their physical bodies are shaky and yet spiritually, this couple exudes solid ground. THIS is the solid ground I want;  an unwavering faith to the end stretch. This couple is pure gold.  Our time comes to a close too quickly and we have to leave.  Millie whispers, “When Jonny tucks me in at night, he whispers SEE YOU IN THE MORNING to me.”  I always reply.  “I hope so.”  I don’t say it but I think it. Their time on earth is coming to a close and yet I don’t like to think about it.  I think to myself that I hope to see this shining face again and again and again…I hope so.  This is GOLD…… Matthew 25:23 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’



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I am a lifelong learner. I am daily dazzled by the beauty in the mundane extraordinary life I have with my family and friends.

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