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Defying Gravity

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IMG_1286            Over the years, I have enjoyed friendships with so many different generations and continue to love the mix of ages in my friendship pool.   The variety of ages of our kids ensure that we have those ages in the mix for sure…then we have so many more thrown into the mix.  The younger friends are fresh and we get so many varying perspectives while they are forming their worldviews and making decisions that will last their lifetime.  Our peer friends are ones we confer with and sometimes commiserate with and pray with; friends who hold your hand while we walk through the same season of life.  The friends who are down that road and have held onto their faith and are so seasoned with grace and mercy and truth, we love to  sit at their feet and soak in the riches of their experience.  I look at my hodge podge of friendships and I am delighted to be blessed with the expanse of ages.  Age is something that cannot be contained in a box – yes we are a certain number of years but why allow that to define who you are?  With our kids, I love that they enjoy many friendships from different seasons of life.  So that musing is to bring you to a thought that sprang into my head through my salt and pepper hair  I have figured out the reason for my gray hairs growing in so funky.  As I was standing at the mirror, confuzzled once again why my straight black/brown hair was being infused with funky silver sproings that appeared to defy gravity, it dawned on me.  My hair is reflecting my heart.   My heart rejects the notion that I am aging and therefore have to behave in a certain way.  Each experience brings with it a certain wisdom and for that I am truly grateful.  We can be mature without being old.  I am not quite sure I have hit either one yet. I encourage every person I know to be fully who they are in Christ.  I long to do the same and do not want age or culture or societal constraints to crowd that longing out.  Defy gravity my sproingy silver hair and I will continue to do the same…holding hands all along the way.  If we feel like skipping on the way, we might just do that.   Now, I skip merrily downstairs to embrace my 49th birthday celebration with the greatest gifts the Lord has given me….my family.


Author: Jacqueline

I am a lifelong learner. I am daily dazzled by the beauty in the mundane extraordinary life I have with my family and friends.

One thought on “Defying Gravity

  1. Thanks for sharing this my young friend. I have also seen something shining in my hair lately. I actually have decided to love the sparkle that it brings to my plain brown hair. Happy birthday.

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